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Drive-Thru /Delivery

After conducting a significant amount of research and surveying the community (which resulted in an overwhelming 97% of people willing to pay only by credit/debit card), we have decided to only accept credit/debit cards with no minimum purchase amount; and not to accept cash

Our #1 goal (besides serving great food!) is keeping our employees and customers safe.  We felt that a restaurant with no cash would minimize the likelihood of crime and theft.  

We also have on-site surveillance 24/7 to ensure your credit/debit cards are safely processed.

We realize that we may lose a few valued customers, but for the safety of our employees and customers we feel this serves the greater good and we hope those who typically like to only use cash will still give us a try.

Through the survey, we also found that customers felt this would help speed the flow of the drive-thru lane.  Nobody wants to be stuck behind that person who is carefully counting out their change in the drive-thru lane, when you're trying so desperately to get your kids to soccer practice on time!

We look forward to serving you!

Only Credit or Debit Cards Accepted (No Cash Accepted)