A little more about our gluten free menu... we will not be using any Gluten Free substitutes, as we find they are loaded with sugar and fat to make up for the lack of flavor.

Also, our entire menu is made from scratch (with the exception of our lasagna) and therefore we have complete control over the ingredients and know if a menu item is gluten free or not.

Because we plan to serve some items with gluten, our kitchen cannot be rated gluten free but gluten friendly - meaning when our chefs prepare a batch of food, we start with freshly sanitized utensils, cutting boards, knives, cookware, etc to minimize any cross-over gluten. All of which is either stainless steel or nonporous. E.g. No wood cutting boards or utensils.

Celiac Disease - We know those with Celiac Disease do not have a choice in the matter of avoiding gluten, as it causes pain and discomfort and in some cases hospitalization.  Most people with mild Celiac Disease will have no problems ordering off our Gluten Free menu because we practice gluten friendly guidelines.  However we caution those who are moderately or severely sensitive, that we are not a gluten free kitchen and currently do not have separate utensils, cutting boards and cookware for gluten free items but hope to in the future.

Approximately 60% of our menu is gluten free, so it's very easy to chose an entree and 2 sides that are completely gluten free. You can enjoy hundreds of gluten free dinner combinations.

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